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obrazek43pomocny Michal Cerny

Michal Cerny is a Czech naturalist, photographer, journalist and traveller. He graduated at the geological department of the Charles University in Prague. Besides geology, the focus of his work is the living nature, especially animals in the wild.

He deals with photography since his twelve. The main topics of his work are photography of living nature, landscapes and people from remote countries. Michal is especially strong in the field of portraying people of various ethnics and taking photos of wild landscapes, wildlife of deserts, mountains and tropical regions. Macrophotography and underwater photography also belong to his strengths.

He publishes his images since 1989. Independently and as part of his articles, thousands of pictures have been published in almost thirty magazines and several books. His photos are represented by stock agencies and are used for advertising, book and guidebook publishing, calendars etc.

His profession enabled him to reside in exotic and remote countries and many others he visited within photographic trips. So far, his travelling encompassed almost 50 countries of four continents in all, having allowed him to come back with thousands of images from all of the trips.

His constantly growing archive currently contains about 20 000 slides of 35 mm format, 1 500 slides of 6 x 6 cm format, thousands of BW negatives and over 20 000 digital images.

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